Stirring Up Some Linkage

I’ll provide some linkage for you today. This has nothing to do with sports media, just a very well written article by Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski who shares his thoughts on Bob Feller who passed away Wednesday night at the age of 92. At the Wall Street Journal, Jason Gay facetiously writes that ESPN will […]

Providing Some Thursday Linkage

Doing my best to continue to provide linkage while I’m still locked in a nightmarish work schedule. And for some reason, I can’t access the Fang’s Bites at Boston Sports Media Watch page so if you access my links there, I can’t provide new ones for now. Trying to get that resolved and once we […]

Quick Monday Links

I’m traveling in between two offices this morning and I want to get some linkage in while I can. Let’s get it started. First, a rare moment when Sports Business Daily opens up its Morning Fix feature and it has a couple of sports media notes including what’s happening at the new Comcast/NBC Sports division […]

Quick Sunday Links

Let’s do some linkage on this Sunday. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News mentions that Tennis Channel has begun coverage of the year-ending ATP World Tour Finals this week. Stu Hackel of Sports Illustrated looks at the New York Islanders’ silly ban of blogger Chris Botta. Doug Farrar of Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner blog says NFL Network’s […]

Monday’s Links

Plenty of things going on as we have hit November. In addition, we’re getting

Fox NFL Sunday Quotage For Week 7

The big news coming out of Fox NFL Sunday is the revelation from Jay Glazer that Brett Favre admitted to NFL Security that he made phone calls to Jenn Sterger, but denied sending pictures to her. That’s the video that we’ll embed as part of the Fox NFL Sunday quotage here. FOX NFL SUNDAY NOTES […]

Bringing The Sunday Links

Let’s get busy with the Sunday linkage. Some good stuff to get to. On Fox NFL Sunday, Jay Glazer reported that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre denied sending pictures of his shlong to Jenn Sterger, but did admit to leaving voicemails on her cell phone. I’ll have video of that segment during the Fox NFL Sunday […]

Let’s Do Some Saturday Linkage

Time to provide some linkage on this Saturday. Lots of stuff going on. Tom Van Riper of notes that Cablevision and Fox are now acting like spoiled little children.  John Simon from Bloomberg reviews the Broadway play, “Lombardi”. At the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center, Dave Kindred wants to see the wall of […]

Time For Some Friday Megalinks

I haven’t given you a full set of Friday megalinks since October 1, so it’s time to do some now. Let’s get to them. The Weekend Viewing Picks has your sports and primetime viewing. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand and Mike McCarthy debate what can be done to improve baseball’s ratings. Fanhouse says Jenn Sterger […]

Filling Out The Wednesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage. I had to catch up on paperwork in the morning and I’ll provide some links now. Lots of good stuff today. We begin with Sports Business Daily and a story on ESPN starting a three part series on how the public views LeBron James? Does this require three days? The Alleged […]

Monday’s Links Wrapped In A Nice Bow For You

Let’s do your links on this Monday. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand says MLB’s League Championship Series are in a position to do well in the ratings although last night, Sunday Night Football on NBC beat NLCS Game 2 on Fox quite handily. Here’s big news. Nat Worden of Dow Jones Newswires reports that next Monday’s […]

A Sunday Linkage Grind

Let’s do some linkage for you on this busy Sports Sunday. NFL Week 6 and Game 2 of the NLCS. We also have the Cablevision/Fox talks that affects 3 million households in the nation’s largest media market. And there’s the Mad Men season finale tonight so I may have to hire a blimp to fly […]

Some Quick Mid-Week Linkage

I’m at a FedEx office in Cambridge, MA using its free wi-fi and taking every advantage of its LapNet Station. I could go all out and start using the copiers and printers, but free wi-fi is enough for me. I’m a happy blogger when I can connect from outside the office. It means you deserve […]

Let’s Bring You The Tuesday Linkage

Already, I’ve been all over Kent County in Rhode Island for no good particular reason so I’m hoping I can stay in one place for a bit to give you linkage. Let’s begin with Michael Hiestand of USA Today who looks at the TV ratings from the weekend. Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch has his Media […]

Doing Monday Linkage On A Holiday

Columbus Day is a holiday for some of you. If I’m in Massachusetts, my office has it as a holiday as the work we do is dependent on unions and they take the day off. If I’m in Rhode Island, we don’t have it off and since this is where I am today, I’m working. […]