NFL Network Previews Super Bowl XLVIII

Starting at 7 a.m., NFL Network begins 10½ hours of pregame coverage for Super Bowl XLVIII. It starts with NFL GameDay First hosted by Sterling Sharpe, Shaun O’Hara and Brian Billick live at Super Bowl Boulevard in New York. Then it will be the massive 8½ hour NFL GameDay Morning which will originate from several […]

Quick Mid-Week Links

I’ll do some linkage here. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand says Dick Vitale finally gets to call the NCAA Final Four, but for an international audience. John Ourand at Sports Business Daily reports that Fox is in talks with Regis Philbin to host a show on Fox Sports 1. Ed Sherman at The Sherman Report wonders […]

Your Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some Tuesday links. We’ll start with Matt Hayes of AOL Sporting News and he writes that the BCS is looking for a $5 billion TV deal over a decade for its new college football playoff. In the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center, Michael Bradley says the new college football playoff still can […]

Doing Sunday Links

Well, the blog is blowing up thanks to my latest edition of the Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop The Remote. CNBC’s Darren Rovell

Friday Megalinks Or The Return of Linkage

Due to being at jobsites for the last few days, I haven’t been able post links like I’ve wanted to. I apologize for that. I have tried to be diligent in updating as much as I can. I have quite a bit to catch up with. I may be a blogging machine as I have […]

Friday Megalink Action

With me not having to drive in between two offices, I’m able to provide you with the Friday megalinks during the day. And with things planned for me during the day for Saturday, it’s best to get these in now so it can tie you over while I’m gone. The Weekend Viewing Picks provide your […]

Coming Back For Sunday Links

After not being able to bring you the Friday megalinks or even Saturday linkage, I have some time to provide the Sunday linkage. Some good stuff here and don’t forget to read my Sunday thoughts. USA Today’s Mike McCarthy breaks news that former co-host of Versus’ The Daily Line, Jenn Sterger will give her first […]

Monday’s Linkage or Back to Regularity

At least I hope I’m back to a regular schedule. Saturday and Sunday were a lost weekend. I couldn’t finish your Friday megalinks after I started them. And due to having a weekend that was scheduled behind my back, I could not do any linkage. Silly family commitments on both Saturday and Sunday and by […]

Some Quick Tuesday Night Links

My hopes of having a night off from the blog have gone by the wayside. Too many things going on. I’m going to give you an extra set of links this evening. Our first story is in regards to the NFL Players Association complaint that the NFL improperly negotiated its TV contracts, insisting its TV […]

Thursday’s Linkage

I just keep accumulating tabs on my browser of sports media stories and I realized if I keep doing this, my computer will slow down and I’ll have to start rebooting Firefox. It’s a memory whore as it is, but keeping as many as 15 tabs open is not a good idea, so let’s do […]

Breaking Out the Tuesday Linkage

I hope to get these links done without interruption. I hate working from the RI main office because I get bogged down, but that’s what happens when you don’t have a car like I do. I have to depend on others to get me where I’m going and I can’t get to my MA office […]

The NFL’s Statement On Brett Favre

Well, since this was also a sports media story as well as an NFL story, we are presenting you with the complete statement from the National Football League in regards to the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger situation. It’s not the punishment or suspension that Sterger nor her lawyer are looking for. Favre will not be suspended, […]

Linkage Time

With the digging out from the Great Northeast Blizzard yesterday, plus having to finish some year-end work, I wasn’t able to provide linkage, but now with things slowly getting back to normal, it’s time to give you the sports media links once again. The great Richard Deitsch of Sports lllustrated lists his best and worst […]

A Sports Media Festivus For The Rest of Us

Yes, we all know the classic Seinfeld episode, “The Strike” which introduced the holiday of Festivus. As this is December 23, it’s the day to celebrate Festivus and what better way to do so by taking out the proverbial Festivus Pole and start the Airing of Grievances. Since I’m writing a passage here, I really […]

Cranking Out Some Sunday Links

Let’s do some Sunday links for you today. Good stuff to get to. Let’s get cranking. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News reports that DirecTV is rebranding FSN affiliates in Denver, Pittsburgh and Seattle. Mike writes that NFL Network hit a season-low audience for Thursday Night Football, not reaching an average five million viewers for the […]