Bringing Out Some Wednesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage while I can. We’ll begin with Anthony CrupiCrupiCrupi who has some classic lines in his story on Keith Olbermann’s return to ESPN2. So funny. In the Sherman Report, Ed Sherman is amazed that the napalmed bridges at ESPN have been repaired for Olbermann to come back. I wrote two stories about […]

A Saturday Sports Media Notebook

Fridays are becoming way too busy for me. I need to find a way to stop it. Anyway, I have some links and thoughts for you in this latest edition of the notebook. ESPN’s Sean McDonough hopes to return to the broadcast booth after undergoing surgery to correct a rare inner ear condition that caused […]

Looking at the Next Generation of Olympic Announcers

As we go into the second week of the 2012 London Olympics or the Games of the XXX Summer Olympiad, I thought I would take the opportunity on this middle Sunday to look ahead for the next set of Games on television. We know that NBCUniversal will carry the Olympics through 2020, that’s two Winter […]

Some Quick Monday Sports Media Thoughts

Time for some quick sports media thoughts. As always, they come in bullet form. The free agent frenzy at ESPN is over. Overall, ESPN lost two out of three major free agents, Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle while keeping Scott Van Pelt. Beadle and Van Pelt were not surprises, but Andrews’ departure can be classified […]

A Couple of Early Thursday Sports Media Thoughts

I’m writing this past midnight on a Thursday. I want to sleep, but I’ll pound this out to get these off my chest. This will be in bullet form as always. It seems every sports media writer and blogger has offered thoughts and potential landing spots for ESPN’s Big Three Free Agents, Michelle Beadle, Erin […]

Bonnie Bernstein Almost Burns Down Dan Patrick's Mancave

Former CBS and ESPN reporter Bonnie Bernstein guest hosted for Dan Patrick on his nationally syndicated radio and TV show today. It was her third time hosting for DP and as she did in her two previous stints as sub, she did a bang up job. Bonnie has been a great listen and the reaction […]

Some Late Saturday Night Sports Media Thoughts

As we are in the middle of an NFL Divisional Playoff weekend, time for a few sports media thoughts. As usual, they come in bullet form. I listened to and also watched Bonnie Bernstein subbing for Dan Patrick on Thursday and Friday. If it was an audition for her to host her own radio show, […]

Some Quick Wednesday Links

I’m at work, but that could very easily change on this very messy Wednesday in the Northeast. The storm that’s hitting us now started with snow, then changed to sleet, then freezing rain, now all rain, but will change back to snow later. This is the big joke Mother Nature is handing us this winter. […]

Follow Friday V

This is another edition of Follow Friday, originally started on Twitter. If you’re a regular reader, you know how it works. If not, you can find out how it began at Mashable. Anyway, I don’t feel like explaining it right now so I’m just going to go into the feature. Here are several blogs and […]

Bonnie Bernstein Checks Kid Over the Boards

I had no idea that Fang’s Bites fav Bonnie Bernstein could skate or act, but she was in an episode of Z Rock on IFC earlier this month. I guess with her ESPN contract expiring, Bonnie is looking to expand her capabilities from sideline reporting. Check this clip out. Thanks to the great Sharapova’s Thigh […]

Some Saturday Linkage

I was out earlier today so it’s time to give some links on this Saturday night. Ken Schott of the Schenectady Gazette writes that a local sports anchor is very deserving of a recent promotion. Alan Pergament of the Buffalo News says fans are hoping the news about the NFL Network games moving to ESPN […]

The 1st Annual Fang's Bites College Football TV Awards

Every year, sports media columnist Rudy Martzke of USA Today would hand out his silly “Rudys” to announcers and sports show he felt were the most deserving. I will not call my awards the “Fangies” or something stupid like that. I’m just going to say “Best”, “Worst” or create a category and that’s it. I […]

Thursday Pre-Game Links

Starting up the links before Game 2 of the Rockies-Phillies series begins. Kent Gibbons of Multichannel news reports that Cox Communications has rolled out TBS HD in a bunch of markets, but exactly where isn’t clear. King Kaufman at has a couple of items on TBS’ coverage. First, he says because Game 1 of […]

Wednesday Night Update

This is what happens when I have to drive my mother in and around Boston. I can’t listen to Howard Stern on Sirius or Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio when they’re on breaks. Again, I won’t have internet access at work for the next few days. While that’s getting resolved, I’ll have to resort […]

Hot Chicks in Sports Broadcasting

1. Erin Andrews – ESPN2. Shana Hiatt – Poker After Dark, NBC3. Bonnie Bernstein – ESPN4. Tracy Wolfson – CBS5. Kathryn Tappen – NESN6. Hazel Mae – NESN7. Tina Cervasio – NESN8. Suzy Kolber – ESPN (I’ll admit Suzy has looked better) Edited at 10:10 p.m. Pictures and links added.