Doing Some Monday Linkage

I’m going to make a concerted effort to do linkage regularly again. It’s the reason why I started Fang’s Bites back in 2007 and I was able to do the links daily, even on weekends. But lately, my schedule has been so busy that the site has become a press release dump and I want […]

Cranking Out Friday Megalinks

Let’s do some Friday linkage for you. MLB Postseason starts up really in earnest with four games on Saturday. College Football in full swing and the NFL completes its first month of games on Sunday. Your Weekend Viewing Picks have everything you need to know in sports and primetime programming. To the linkage. National Michael […]

Blogs With Balls 4 Interviews

At Blogs with Balls 4 in New York this past weekend, Southern New England media mogul Keith Thibault of Sports Media Journal and I conducted interviews with a few of the attendees. Keith brought his camera and we both snagged a few guests. The first interview has Keith talking with one of the organizers, Chris […]

Quick Tuesday Linkage

I’ll provide a few links now, then as I’m watching Catching Hell on ESPN, I’ll attempt a few more links to complete the set. Earlier today, I wrote a recap of Blogs with Balls 4. Check it out. One of the stars of BWB4 was Bomani Jones of He wrote why he feels there’s […]

Recap of Blogs With Balls 4

On Saturday, September 24, the 4th incarnation of Blogs with Balls was held at the ultramodern, ultragreen and überchic Bloomberg Tower in New York City. This was the first BWB I was able to attend since the inaugural event in 2009. Having been unable to attend Blogs with Balls 2 in Las Vegas, Blogs with […]

Monday Linkage

Let’s do some links now. I have to write my recap of Blogs with Balls 4 while everything is still fresh in my mind. It really was a great event to attend and wonderful to meet so many good people. I hope to have the BwB recap up tonight. Here are some links for you. […]

Back For Some Sunday Linkage

Ok, back from New York after attending “Blogs with Balls 4″ at the Bloomberg world headquarters on Lexington Avenue. I’ll have a recap of the event later today. But I’ll give you some links since I was unable to blog yesterday. Mike Reynolds of Multichannel News says MLB Network has signed several cable providers for […]

People You Should Follow On Twitter, Part 9 & The Last One

Ok, this is the final installment of this mini-series that took much longer than I thought. I began this on July 17 and with a few stops and starts, finally finishing this in August. You’ve had quite a few categories, sports media, sports business, sports TV PR, MLB, NFL, NHL, Tennis, college basketball, college football, […]

Nominate Me In Blogs With Balls Untitled Sports Media Awards Project

Very rarely do I ask you to do anything. I am now. Blogs with Balls has announced its inaugural Untitled Sports Media Awards Project or #USMAP for short. There are several categories and I would like your help in getting nominated as a finalist. I’ll help you narrow it down so you don’t have to […]

Slinging the Tuesday Links Your Way

Let’s do some linkage while I still can on this Tuesday. Lots of stuff to get to provided I don’t get interrupted. Mike McCarthy of USA Today writes about Louisville coach Rick Pitino making the media rounds this week. I may have linked to this so if I have already, I apologize. Nate Davis of […]

Blogs with Balls 3.0 Announces Panels And Speakers

One of the best events for bloggers is Blogs with Balls and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I attended  BwB 1.0 in New York last June. With Blogs with Balls set for Chicago on June 5, the speakers and panels have been set. Unfortunately, yours truly wasn’t chosen, but it doesn’t mean […]

Blogs with Balls 3.0 To Be Held in Chicago

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I attended the very first Blogs with Balls conference in New York. Since then, BwB 2.0 went to Las Vegas and it’s been just announced that BwB 3.0 will be held in Chicago in June at the Captain Morgan Club at Wrigley Field. Some […]

Time For The Thursday Linkage

Let’s do the linkage for this Thursday. Got off to a late start, but that’s due to some overdue paperwork I had to complete. Now that it’s done, I can do some linkage for you. Let’s begin with USA Today’s Michael McCarthy who looks at the impact of a Tiger Woods-less PGA Tour on both […]

It's Thursday Linkage

Let’s do linkage for today. I’m debating on whether to cover the UFL game between Florida and New York at Hartford, CT. I have a press credential, but I’m thinking I have so much to do right now. Not sure right now. I’ll know more later. In any event, let’s bring you some links. John […]