Finally, Our Tuesday Links

Thanks to the server host getting a Denial of Service attack last night, Fang’s Bites has been down for most of the day. Not happy for not being able to blog for most of the day, although I’m back up for now. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll give you linkage now and hope you’ll […]

Some Thursday Links

This day has been a headspinner as there was too much commotion at my Massachusetts office and the minute I step into the Rhode Island office, there was too much commotion. It’s the type of day where college basketball needs to reign supreme and thankfully, the NCAA Tournament is back in action. In case you’re […]

The Monday Back to Work Linkage

Let’s do some links on this back to work Monday. Many of the links will focus on the NCAA Tournament so let’s get cracking. Starting with John Ourand and Michael Smith of Sports Business Journal, they report that Fox is about to sign a new cable rights deal with the Big 12 Conference that would […]

NCAA Tournament Should Be In Good Hands With CBS/Turner

There have been articles written by various sports media critics regarding the way the NCAA Tournament will be handled by CBS Sports and new partner Turner Sports starting this year. Some are salivating over all of the games being aired nationally. Others are lamenting the end of the old way CBS aired the tournament, cutting […]

Saturday’s Links

Let’s provide some linkage for you on this Saturday. Haven’t done links on a Saturday in a while. Marisa Guthrie of the Hollywood Reporter notes that the NFL lockout could cause the networks to lose billions of dollars in ad revenue should games be canceled. Richard Deitsch of Sports Ilustrated has your NCAA Tournament Viewing […]

Some Mid-Week Linkage

Ok, time for some links on this Wednesday. Let’s provide some for you while I can. Michael Hiestand of USA Today notes that former CBS college basketball analyst Billy Packer is not enthused about the new TV arrangement for the NCAA Tournament. I’ve written a story for Dan Levy’s Press Coverage site on what the […]

Some Snowy Wednesday Links

On this day of massive snow here in the Northeast, I’ll provide you with some linkage. Crazy day as local meteorologists first predicted 4-8 inches, then as the storm organized, the totals were revised upward and upward. Now, it appears we have more on the ground here. Not quite the perfect storm, but damn close. […]

Back with Thursday Linkage

Due to the clean up to from the Great Flood of 2010, I wasn’t able to give you linkage on Tuesday and Wednesday, plus I had to postpone the recording of this week’s edition of the Sports Media Weekly Podcast. Things are slowly getting back to normal, but I’m going to be applying for disaster […]

Doing the Friday Megalinks

Let’s do the megalinks for you. Time to give them to you now. As always, you get the Weekend Viewing Picks which this weekend has the skinny on the college basketball conference tournaments and other sports. Now to your links. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand looks at ESPN providing ABC with some sports programming starting […]

Some More Thursday Links

Let’s give you some more links before they become out of date. Laura Petrecca of USA Today tells workers to watch the NCAA Tournament online in moderation. CNBC’s Darren Rovell can’t believe there’s an official ladder of the Final Four. Newsday’s Neil Best has a breakdown of where the NCAA Tournament games are going to. […]

It's the Mid-Week Links

Let’s do some linkage as it’s still early on NHL Trade Deadline day. Usually the trades don’t start happening until sometime after noon, then it’s a flurry to the finish, although Ottawa and Columbus made the first trade of the day just before 10 a.m., forward Antoine Vermette goes to the Blue Jackets for goaltender […]

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Linkage

Time for some linkage on this Tuesday. I did listen to the debut of Andy Gresh on Sirius XM Radio last night. It was good. Gresh knows how to generate calls and get people to talk. I listened from 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. and he had a good interview with former Oakland A’s pitcher […]

Giving You Some Monday Links

Busy weekend. I still have to watch HBO’s new sports documentary, “Breaking The Huddle: The Integration of College Football” so I can give you a quick review before you see it tomorrow night. I have to watch it tonight and provide you with a review tomorrow. But before we get to Tuesday, let’s provide you […]

Some Monday Night Links

My computer problems aren’t fixed, but I did steal my mother’s Mac from her house (don’t worry, she has another computer, she’s not using the Mac). I’ll give you some links tonight. Not a whole lot, but enough for a nice update. Starting with Newsday’s Neil Best, he transcribes a conversation between WFAN’s Mike Francesa […]

Late Night Links

For the first time since the Olympics began, I lost a bit of interest in the coverage tonight. I think mostly it was due to Michael Phelps not having a medal to swim for this evening. He did have a 200 individual medley semifinal, but that was it for his schedule for tonight. NBC did […]

The Mid-Week Links

It’s Wednesday. The All-Star Game is over, thank goodness. I stayed up to watch every single pitch and out until 1:30 a.m. ET. What could have been another embarrassing tie ended up with the American League winning 4-3. Now that the Mid-Summer Classic is over, we can now focus on the Open Championship which begins […]

Some Tuesday Links

I have to head to a jobsite soon so I’ll provide as many links that I can before I have to leave. ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber says some ESPN personalities have learned a hard lesson about crossing the line of good taste. She cites the Jemele Hill and Bonnie Bernstein incidents as examples. This […]

Monday Night Linkage

As I was watching ESPN’s coverage of the Home Run Derby through, two quick observations. Chris Berman is just plain awful. And during one commercial break, Chris asked his producer during a blimp shot, “Is that the Empire State Building?” Had that been me, I would have replied, “Um, what the hell do you […]

Monday Links

As we get ready for the All-Star Game tomorrow, let’s give you some links. Newsday’s Neil Best, back from vacation, writes about Billy Packer’s departure from CBS. Roger Van Der Horst in the Charlotte News & Observer says Packer was prepared for this day. Reid Cherner and Tom Weir of the USA Today Game On! […]

BREAKING NEWS: Billy Packer Out at CBS

Kudos to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald for breaking the news that Billy Packer will not return to CBS as the top analyst for college basketball. Packer has been with CBS since it obtained the rights for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 1981. He has called 34 consecutive Final Fours and was partnered […]