Videos of the Week – Some More Batman Cartoons

Over the past two months, I’ve been giving you a series of Batman cartoons that date back to 1968. They are from the Batman CBS series that ran for one season. They first were part of the Batman-Superman hour, then were spun off into their own series. Unlike the Batman series that starred Adam West […]

Videos of the Week – More Batman Cartoons

Almost exactly to the date, one month ago, I gave you some Batman cartoons from the 1968 Filmation series. YouTube member alanr447a has uploaded some more episodes since last month. Once again, I’ll paste his descriptions of the episodes. Bubi, Bubi, Who’s Got the Ruby? The Penguin steals the million-dollar Maharaja Ruby, and kidnaps Bruce […]

Videos of the Week – Batman Cartoons

Don’t ask me why, but I have been a fan of Batman since I was a kid. I liked the Batman TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward, but I preferred the 1968 Filmation series which was first shown on CBS, then aired on various outlets, most recently, the Cartoon Network and it’s sister […]