Free Bruce Feldman! Free Him Now, ESPN!

In a stunning development, SportsbyBrooks breaks news that ESPN has suspended one of its writers, Bruce Feldman. If you haven’t followed the story, you’re wondering if Bruce violated one of ESPN’s journalistic protocols. Or did he commit plagiarism? Or did he fail to source a quote? Or was he insubordinate to his bosses? Apparently none […]

Jack Edwards’ Puzzling Final Comments After B’s-Canadiens

NESN gave Jack Edwards the opportunity to make a final comment after the Boston Bruins win in overtime over the Montreal Canadiens to take the NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series in seven games. Yet, I’m still trying to figure out what he’s saying. Jack not only looks nuts, but he’s mincing his metaphors comparing the […]

To The Wednesday Links!

Doing the linkage now after being all over the place this morning and tomorrow will be much worse as I’ll be out of the office for most of the day so don’t expect too many posts on Thursday. But before that, I can provide the linkage for today. We’ll begin with Sports Business Journal’s John […]

Phil Simms Is Bat Shit Crazy

This story burned up the internet Saturday. It caused two networks to issue statements and also force police to step in during a public event during Super Bowl Week. This incident involved two men who are currently analysts on CBS Sports and ESPN. Desmond Howard, a commentator on College GameDay, and Phil Simms, the “A” […]

Jason Whitlock Is Bat Shit Crazy

There are certain writers I try to ignore at Fang’s Bites for the simple reasons they write to draw attention to themselves and more often than not, they don’t write about the sports media. But even when these writers do, they come off badly. Case in point, Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star and […]

Apparently, Mad Dog Channel's Firing Was A Stunt

If you’re a subscriber to Sirius XM and listened to Howard Stern about 8:45 this morning, you heard Mad Dog Channel program director Steve Torre, the person allegedly fired on the air on Thursday. Steve tried to maintain that the firing was real and that he was “reinstated”, but apparently this whole thing about Mad […]

Chris Russo Goes Nuts

Since he started with Sirius XM last year, Chris Russo has tried to develop his Mad Dog Channel into a big entity on the satellite radio service. However, when you compare it to Howard 100 or Martha Stewart Living, it really doesn’t hold a candle. I have listened to it since it began, but to […]

Beginning of the Workweek Links

We have lots of material on this first real workday of 2009. We begin with David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch who jumped on NESN for botching the end of the Boston College-North Carolina game. The lovely Jessica Heslam of the Boston Herald has the tepid NESN explanation of what happened. Jessica reports that […]

Awful Announcing is Awesome!

One of the best blogs in cyberspace is Awful Announcing. I’ve put the site in my blogroll to the left and if you visit it regularly, you’ll agree with me. Well, I’ll link to the post, but also put the videos that go with it here as well. Ever since I read it, I’ve been […]

Bill Conlin is Batshit Crazy

It’s one thing for a reporter to disrespect a blogger, but it’s another for a reporter to advocate wiping bloggers out as Bill Conlin from the Philadelphia Daily News has done. Let’s start with an innocent e-mail sent by Bill B., a sabermetric Phillies fan who also runs the blog crashburnalley. After he read an […]

Gary Sheffield is Bat Shit Crazy

Neil Best of Newsday must be loving this blog thing because he continues to post great stuff. First, he has a quick synopsis of an interview with Detroit Tiger Gary Sheffield that will air on Real Sports next Tuesday on HBO. Then it goes on to a full article that Best wrote in the online […]