Some Additional Tuesday Links

Let’s give you some more links today. More reason to hate ESPN. They plan a huge New Year’s Eve special complete with motorcycle jumps, truck flips, fiery explosions, musical acts and plenty of hype. This will run for three hours so ESPN can mark the New Year on both coasts. I can’t make this up. […]

Monday Afternoon Linkage

Let’s do some links. From, NBC’s Sunday Night Football won the overnight ratings in the 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. timeslots. The Amazing Race on CBS finished second in the 8 p.m. hour. Newsday’s Neil Best blogs that Dick Lynch was absent from the New York Football Giants radio broadcast yesterday because of a […]

Our Saturday Morning Links

Time for links today. Let’s get to the weekly Saturday media columns first. Dan Caesar of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says a fixture in St. Louis radio returns to do football on Thanksgiving Day. Jerry Garcia in today’s San Antonio Express-News looks into the second year of live games on the NFL Network and previews […]

Friday Night Late Links

I’m watching Paul Mooney’s stand up special on Showtime. It’s very funny. I forgot to put it in the Primetime Viewing Picks. The next time it’s on, I’ll recommend it. Paul Mooney is a very funny man. I have not laughed this hard since watching Chris Rock’s last standup special on HBO. If you have […]

Our Friday Megalinks

Starting this a bit late on a Friday, but time for the megalinks today. Let’s get started. Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes about the growth in internet-only sporting events. Today, we’ll start with the Midwest region. Ed Sherman of the Chicago Tribune talks with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who’s been leading the charge to […]

Some Thursday Night Linkage

Checking around the net so you don’t have to, I have managed to find some more links this evening. Starting off with the Barry Bonds Indictment coverage, the Sports Media Watch blog has a look at how the network evening newscasts reported the story. And Paulsen has his take on the comments Steven A. Smith […]