Our Mid-Week Links

I don’t think I’ll be blogging as much as I did yesterday, but we’ll keep an eye on developments from the Super Bowl. If anything happens, we’ll put it here. In the meantime, your links for today. USA Today’s Michael McCarthy talks about the incessant coverage of Tom Brady by both the sports and entertainment […]

Thursday Night Links

I’m such a political junkie, I’m glued to CNN and MSNBC watching the results of the Iowa Caucuses. Don’t worry, this won’t become a political blog, this will always be a sports media blog first, followed by the Amazing Race and anything else, but the anything else won’t be politics. But I do enjoy watching […]

Some more Wednesday Stuff

Giving you a few more bits of news today. First, the fine blog, Sports Media Watch looks behind the poor ratings of the NHL for Games 1, 2 and 3 and what programs finished ahead of them. Saturday night’s ratings for NBC were very bad as you’re aware by now. Newsday’s Neil Best says Chris […]

Wednesday Links

Time to give you some links for today. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand has an interesting feature on an NFL broadcast bootcamp where 20 players will find out if they have what it takes to become a TV analyst. This will allow players to get a career after they leave the NFL. Richard Sandomir of the […]

More Friday Stuff

A few more links for you today. The Oakland A’s moved to an FM station this year to satisfy fans who were complaining about a weak AM signal at night. The problem was the talk lineup that was a bit extreme for some listeners. The Contra Costa Times reports that Free FM in San Francisco […]

More Friday Stuff

As I enjoy listening to 1st Wave on, time to give you some media columns from across the country. Let’s go from East to West shall we? First, from the New York Times, Richard Sandomir profiles the Voice of HBO Sports documentaries, the smooth Liev Schreiber who has narrated more than 30 for the […]