Follow Friday

If you’re on Twitter, there’s a feature that has caught on among members called “Follow Friday”. Each person suggests others to follow and if you like the person’s Tweets, you can hit “follow” and get that person’s updates. Through this, I have found quite a few people to follow and have made some good connections. […]

Videos of the Week – B.J. Fletcher Private Eye

Time for another four episodes of B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye. Last week, I posted the first four episodes of Season 1. Time for four more. Episode 5 – In the case of “Mr. Christie and his Wandering Aperture”, Fletch (Lindy Zucker) and George (Dana Puddicombe) go undercover at Dominic Christie’s photography studio. Once there they […]

Videos of the Week – B.J. Fletcher Private Eye

Today, I’m going off the beaten path with the sports videos and I’m going to give some love to a web series that I’ve been following since last year. Granted, some web series are not very good and don’t deserve your attention, but this one does. It’s done with virtually no budget and from the […]