The Monday Wrap… And Some Links Too!

What a sporting weekend. Major League Baseball could not have asked for a better final weekend to the regular season You had the clinching of the American League East by the Red Sox. There was the complete collapse of the New York Mets and the charge by the Philadelphia Phillies to take the National League […]

Sunday Night Links

A few links to provide tonight. First, Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the last words of Skip Carey on the final Atlanta Braves broadcast on TBS. Rodney Ho of the AJC talks about what will replace the local feed of TBS for Atlanta viewers. David Sweet of MSNBC talks about TBS moving into […]

Sunday Musings

Recovering after being out for a day. A few things for today. Against my better judgment, I bought the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight from DirecTV. I joined in the 7th round. It turned out to be a better fight than I expected. But also, I wanted to see what may be one of the last […]