Quick Saturday Links

I keep getting interrupted at work. I wrote a post earlier today on Brent Musburger’s night in Las Vegas, but I kept being recruited to the leave the office and something that should have taken 20 minutes to write ended up being three hours. And now I’m trying to do some linkage and keep getting […]

Comedian Artie Lange Could Be Headed To Fox Sports Radio

A story that’s breaking this evening, TMZ is reporting that former Howard Stern Show comedian Artie Lange, off the air since December 2009 following a suicide attempt that almost took his life, could be heading back to the airwaves as soon as this fall. TMZ says Artie and fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo would possibly team […]

Thursday's Quickie Links

Maybe it’s the rain, maybe it’s was going to the dentist, maybe it’s male menopause, whatever it is, I just don’t feel like doing the links today. But I’ll do as many as I can. Starting with Newsday’s Neil Best who talks with NBC’s Johnny Miller about his candor during golf telecasts. Neil has more […]

The Mid-Week Linkfest

We have a lot of good links today and the reaction to Artie Lange’s appearance on Joe Buck Live continues. Let’s start with Michael Hiestand of USA Today. He says Joe Buck Live went into the gutter when Artie came on for his segment with Paul Rudd and Jason Sudekis. Thanks to the people of […]

The Aftermath of Joe Buck Live

Let’s do some linkage. I had a late start as I had to go to Boston this morning. And there are a lot of stories on Joe Buck Live, but not for what the producers were hoping for. We’ll get to those during this post. And later today, we’ll have more stuff from Blogs With […]