Additional Wednesday Links

I’ll give you some more links this afternoon. From USA Today, Jorge Ortiz writes about the increased profits for Major League Baseball Advanced Media which has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2001. The Biz of Baseball which was quoted in the article also has its reaction. MLBAM has led all of […]

Brief Saturday Afternoon Update

Here’s a few links for you on this Saturday afternoon. It’s been a strange morning into afternoon. First, ESPN reports that it had learned that LSU coach Les Miles would leave to go to Michigan, then there was a turnaround. What happened? Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch says got its signals crossed […]

Some Additional Tuesday Links

Let’s give you some more links today. More reason to hate ESPN. They plan a huge New Year’s Eve special complete with motorcycle jumps, truck flips, fiery explosions, musical acts and plenty of hype. This will run for three hours so ESPN can mark the New Year on both coasts. I can’t make this up. […]

Your Wednesday Night Links

While I’m watching Game 1 of the World Series and chatting with fellow Red Sox fans online, I’ll give you some links. First, Neil Best breaks the news that the Yankees are banning ESPN from future conference calls after it aired the Joe Torre announcement live despite the team’s request not to. This is not […]

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to ESPN

Earlier today, Richard Sandomir of the New York Times reported that ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel would not be returning to Monday Night Football after he made a comment referring to the fired Joe Theismann. For his part, Theismann was amused by the comment, but was not watching the game at the time Jimmy […]

Wednesday Night Update

You’re probably sick of me talking about The War, but I have to say this installment was very good. Episode 4 dealt with D-Day in Europe and the Battle of Saipan in the Pacific. Unbelievable footage that Ken Burns obtained for this part. Plus, the stories of the contributions of the Japanese and African American […]

MLB and ESPN Fighting Again

Remember back in July when ESPN was punished by MLB for breaking the embargo on the All Star game announcements? The announcements were supposed to be made by TBS on its own exclusive program and ESPN was to wait until everything was done, but instead, the Alleged Worldwide Leader made them as the TBS program […]

Monday or Day 8 of the D & C Lockout

It’s Monday, August 20 and our friends, John Dennis & Gerry Callahan are still out from WEEI, termed a “vacation” by the station’s public relations firm. Sitting in for D & C today were FSN New England’s Greg Dickerson and Fox 25’s Butch Sterns. And it was the first Patriots Monday for the station. Dickerson […]

Thursday Afternoon Linkage

The PGA Championship is in full swing. There is online coverage and is simulcasting TNT from 2 – 5 p.m. ET. You can go here and watch the coverage if you’re so inclined. There is also one “Pipeline” or channel devoted to certain groups and you can watch that as well. David Barron of […]

Some Saturday Linkage

Good morning. Let’s give you a few links on this Saturday morning. Let’s start with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch where Dan Caesar says ESPN is helping its ratings by continuing to show the Barry Bonds home run chase. Over to the San Antonio Express-News where Jerry Garcia gives the outline for Bonds coverage tonight. The […]

Friday/Saturday Links

Sorry for the long delay in getting you links. I was out at two job sites during the day, then I had to drive my mother to several locations and got home late when I thought I would get home early. Nonetheless, I’m here now and I’ll give you big megadose of links tonight. Let’s […]

Thursday Links

Been out and about today, but I’ll give you a few links here. The return of ESPN to NASCAR is this weekend. If you haven’t watched ESPN lately, you’re lucky not to have seen the many promos which have flooded all of the Alleged Worldwide Leader’s programs. Anyway, John Sturbin of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram […]

Sunday Links

Time to give a few links today. Neil Best talks about the headaches of parking at the Meadowlands now that 5,000 spaces have been lost to construction of the new Giants-Jets stadium. Phil Mushnick continues to bash ESPN and for good reason.’s Richard Deitsch says the David Beckham coverage on ESPN last night was […]

Thursday Afternoon Update

Ok, let’s do a mini-update. I’ll do a full blown update tonight. Let’s start with Sports Business blogger extraordinaire Darren Rovell of He breaks the story of Nike actually suspending the Michael Vick shoe that was supposed to be unveiled next month, but in the wake of Vick’s indictment by the Feds and an […]

Some Tuesday Night Links

Cleaning up some links I didn’t have time to get to today. The Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein talks with Jimmy DeCastro, the man who lured Dan Patrick away from ESPN Radio. In his blog at the Houston Chronicle website, David Barron writes about colleague Richard Justice who will host a show on the newest sports […]

Some Sunday Links

Let’s give you some Sunday links just before we head back to work on Monday. The New York Times’ Richard Sandomir picks up Neil Best’s Newsday story on Gary Sheffield’s HBO interview that will air on Tuesday. Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News also looks at the Sheffield interview. And in his Sunday […]

Late Thursday Night Linx

Ok, I wasn’t going to provide an update, but since I have no schedule, why not? First, Neil Best of Newsday has found out a bit more on MLB punishing ESPN for breaking the All-Star Game announcement embargo while TBS was doing it on the official MLB show on Sunday. He got an update late […]

Monday Afternoon Update

Time to check out some updates from today. First, I’ve been checking ESPN2’s Wimbledon coverage through it’s broadband service, ESPN360 (only available through participating Internet Service Providers). Like the French Open, the first day has been plagued by rain. Unlike the Tennis Channel, which had to rely heavily on tapes of old matches, ESPN2 didn’t […]

Tuesday Afternoon Update

A few more links for you today. Media Life Magazine looks into the ratings for the U.S. Open. Writer Toni Fitzgerald says the ratings are of note because they beat even the NBA Finals. Mediaweek has a story on reaching out its tentacles to include video gaming on its site. Mediaweek also reports on […]

The Weekend in Review and The Sopranos Finale

Nice to have a weekend free of Paris Hilton news. And as I was ramping up for the finale of The Sopranos, I stayed away from the computer for the most part. One place I do endorse is Wright’s Farm in northern Rhode Island. Great all you can eat chicken as well as pasta, french […]