NBC Launches Two Olympics Mobile Apps

The last two days have been crazy for me as I’ve been dealing with family. Nothing major, but it’s taking up a lot of my time. My apologies for not posting as much as you’ve become accustomed. Let’s get to this without further delay. NBC announced this week that it’s released two new Olympic mobile […]

BTN2Go Now Available For Android Devices

The Big Ten Network, known as BTN for short, has announced that its popular BTN2Go app for iOS platforms is now available for download on Android devices. BTN2Go allows cable subscribers who authenticate through an easy process to watch linear BTN programming live on their mobiles and tablets. I have BTN2Go on my iPad and […]

Turner Launches New NCAA Sports Mobile App

Just announced by Turner Sports, a new NCAA Sports mobile app that will be made available for the iPhone and Android platforms. This will give mobile phone users the opportunity to see over 60 NCAA Championships. The live game streaming will begin with finals coverage of Divisions I-III field hockey and Division II and III […]

It’s Been Way Too Long Without Linkage

I appreciate you still visiting Fang’s Bites as I’ve been trying to keep the site updated for you. Linkage has been scarce since Sunday. Been busy helping my sister with her son and then I was out for most of the morning. Time to provide you with some linkage. Michael Hiestand of USA Today says […]

Going For The Tuesday Links

Let’s do some linkage on this Tuesday. News broke last evening about Gus Johnson leaving CBS and possibly going to Fox. We’ll be following this story today and anything else that breaks. Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk examines the move by CBS to allow Gus to walk away. Mike McCarthy of USA Today bids […]

“Watch ESPN” App Now Available For Android Platforms

The Watch ESPN app which allows subscribers of Time Warner Cable/Bright House and Verizon FiOS systems to see the linear ESPN on smartphones and tablets. This announcement made in the last hour by ESPN. The app had been previously released for Apple platforms last month. Now, those with an Android device can watch the ESPN […]