Fang’s Bites on ABC6

Yesterday, I was interviewed for a story that appeared on WLNE (ABC6) in Providence. This was regarding a business scam that has permeated small businesses in Rhode Island. Now, before we go any further, let me say that this was for the business owned by my dad. He’s owned an engineering company since 1986. I […]

TV News Crew Has a Rock Thrown at Them, Then Dog Bites Reporter

Having been an Assignment Editor at a Providence TV station, I’ve had to send reporters to bad neighborhoods to get reaction from angry and/or grieving parents. It’s part of the job. Most times, the reporters get what they need and they leave without incident. However, in the case of Abbey Niedzgoda of WLNE (ABC6) in […]

Some Selection Sunday Sports Media Thoughts

On this NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday, it’s time to present some sports media thoughts and as usual, they come in bullet form. With college basketball’s conference tournaments wrapping up and we get ready for three awesome weeks of the NCAA Tournament, ESPN’s coverage of Championship Week (11 days in reality) has been nothing short of […]

Some Tuesday Morning Sports Media Thoughts

I haven’t written a sports media thoughts post in quite some time. I owe you one do let’s do this without further delay. As always, they come in bullet form. Last night’s BCS National Championship Game between Alabama and LSU was another dull affair, just like their first game in the regular season. ESPN did […]

Courtney Fallon (@Fallon87) Joins WLNE in Providence

Normally, I don’t do local news hires on the blog. Media Bistro’s TVSpy usually keeps track of the local and national TV news very well. But today, I’m going to put this up because one, it’s my home market of Providence and two, the person is a friend of mine. So for this one day […]

We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

Tonight, I’m tuning into the local news in Providence, RI when I see Channel 6, the ABC affiliate here, run a Frazier rerun. Did ABC6 all of a sudden cancel its 11 p.m. newscast? Did the channel decide to change its affiliation from ABC at the last minute? No! But the channel is saying, “We […]