Twenty Years Ago Tonight: “I See O.J.”

June 17, 1994 was one of the most infamous nights in history. It was the O.J. Simpson White Bronco chase that captured the imagination of the entire nation. Some 95 million people watched as the networks covered Simpson running from the law. Just a little background. On June 13, Simpson’s estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson […]

NBC Olympics

U.S. Olympics Broadcast Rights Fees Since 1960

Back  in June 2011 when NBC won the bidding over ESPN and Fox for the Olympics, I posted the U.S. broadcast rights fee for the Olympics since 1960. Back then, it was thought that the Peacock had overbid for the four Olympics in the contract, the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the 2016 Games in Rio, […]

CBS’ Dan Dierdorf to Retire After the 2013-14 NFL Season

He’s been a player 13 years and honored in the Pro Football Hall of Fame both as a player and a broadcaster. In 1984, he went into radio as a color analyst on St. Louis Cardinals football games and yes, St. Louis Blues hockey games on KMOX, then joined the NFL on CBS the following […]

Al Michaels to Call His 25th Primetime Game in Pittsburgh on Sunday

Marking another milestone in his illustrious career, NBC points out that Sunday marks the 25th time that Al Michaels will call a primetime NFL game in the city of Pittsburgh. Whether at Three Rivers Stadium or Heinz Field, this also becomes the 7th team for which Michaels has called at least 25 primetime games on […]

The Tim McCarver Broadcasting Timeline

No matter what you think of Tim McCarver and judging from the reaction on social media, a lot of people are happy he’s leaving the Fox broadcast booth after this season. I was not a fan and felt he was overrated by the New York media when he was with the Mets in the 1980′s […]

The Top Five Innovations in Sports Television

I haven’t done a post like this in a very long time. Viewers take watching sports for granted. We watch the games in high definition or some cases, 3-D, get instant replays, we can rewind plays instantly on our DVR’s, know how far a team has to go in order to get a first down, […]

How An NBC Sports Olympics Press Release Got Debunked

Last week, NBC Sports sent out a press release stating that it would begin its primetime coverage the night before the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Olympics. In this press release, NBC made the bold claim that: “This marks the first time any U.S. media company has dedicated primetime coverage to Olympic competition – […]

Super Bowl Broadcast History

I provide this table which has all of the Super Bowls to date including their networks and broadcasters. I thought you might get a kick out of it to see who has called which games. The CBS lines are in bold because this table was compiled by CBS. SUPER BOWL BROADCASTERS HISTORY (1967-2013) Super Bowl […]

RIP, Earl Weaver

In the midst of all the silliness that’s going on in the world of sports (Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o), we learn of the passing of one of the greatest managers in the history of baseball, Earl Weaver. He died Friday at the age of 82. Throughout the 1970′s, Earl guided the Baltimore Orioles to four […]

Breaking Out Some Monday Linkage

The last few days, I’ve been sick which limited the number of posts between Friday and Saturday. I’m still not feeling well, but I’ll be providing linkage and posts as long I’m physically able. To the links. Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch talks with NFL Network’s Melissa Stark about returning to sports television after leaving in […]

Some Quick Wednesday Linkage

Let’s do some links now. Austin Karp at Sports Business Daily says the MLB TV partners saw record low ratings this season. Sports lllustrated’s Richard Deitsch reviews ESPN2′s first foray into pro hockey since losing the NHL in 2005. Michael Hiestand of USA Today notes that Bob Costas is back calling postseason baseball for the […]

Former Detroit Lion, Actor & Monday Night Football Analyst Alex Karras Near Death

Sad story coming out from Southern California, Alex Karras, former defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, actor in movies and TV as well as the third-ever analyst on Monday Night Football is near death. According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Karras suffered kidney failure two weeks ago and is being cared for […]

Doing Some Monday Linkage

I’m going to make a concerted effort to do linkage regularly again. It’s the reason why I started Fang’s Bites back in 2007 and I was able to do the links daily, even on weekends. But lately, my schedule has been so busy that the site has become a press release dump and I want […]

US Olympic Rights Fees Since 1960

This comes from NBC and its Olympics media guide for 2012. This is one interesting chart that the network made and it contains the rights fees for all of the Olympics televised in the United States dating back to 1960. CBS aired both set of Games, Winter and Summer in 1960. You can see for […]

List of Monday Night Football Commentators

This was compiled by the fine people at ESPN. Here’s the list of Monday Night Football announcing teams dating back to when the series began on ABC in 1970. Since ESPN took over production in 1998, there has been a lot of upheaval in the announcing teams and you’ll notice this especially since the series […]