The Week Ahead in Sports Media, August 5 — 11, 2013

Time for your look ahead in the week in sports media. It’s going to be a busy seven days. GOLF The final Major of the year in the PGA Tour takes place at the Oak Hill Country Hill East Course in Rochester, NY. TNT and CBS will team up for coverage. Here’s how it will […]

Friday's Press Release Action

Some press releases to give you tonight. I’ll have to finish the megalinks later, but at least I started them! Ok, starting with MLB Network, Bob Costas sits down with Selena Roberts on Sunday to talk about her new book about admitted steroids user Alex Rodriguez. BOB COSTAS TO INTERVIEW SELENA ROBERTS LIVE IN-STUDIO ON […]

A Megalink Friday

Time to give you your Friday megalinks. Again, we begin with the Weekend Viewing Picks. The Kentucky Derby is the prime event with tomorrow being the first Saturday in May. NBC has the actual race at 6:20 p.m. with coverage beginning at 4. ESPN has several races from the undercard starting at noon. If you […]

Late Thursday Night Links

I have no idea where to begin. It’s another one of those crazy nights where I can really start anywhere and it would be the right lead. I’m staring at my Firefox web browser and I have 10 tabs open. That’s TEN tabs with three potential lead stories. I guess I’ll go with what has […]

What Fang's Bites is Following

Stories I’m following tonight … The Baltimore Sun’s bloodbath of 61 staffers including reporters, editors, graphic artists and other staffers. This includes assistant Sports Editor Ray Frager who wrote the media column and maintained a blog at the paper. Comcast and NFL Network came to an agreement to keep the channel on the provider’s systems […]

Monday Thanksgiving Week Links

With this being Thanksgiving Week, I don’t expect to be blogging much (we do have to get ready to see our families on Thursday), but I’ll do what I can. With that said, I still have to give you Videos of the Week (The Amazing Race episode recaps are taking more time than I expected) […]

The Day Before the 4th of July

I’d rather have the 4th of July holiday on either a Monday or Friday and next year, being a leap year, the 4th will fall on a Friday, but this year, it’s in the middle of the week so we all have to deal. But as many have taken the week off, some of us […]

Friday Links

Ok, new month. Let’s do the Friday links. Lots of them today as usual. Starting off with USA Today, Mike McCarthy has Fox’s Tim McCarver getting on the Yankees for not starting Roger Clemens against the Red Sox this weekend. I usually don’t like McCarver, but I do have to agree with him on this. […]

Thursday's Links

Back today as we look at the world of Sports Media and anything else in between. The Stanley Cup Finals may not be burning up the TV ratings (thank you, Versus and Gary Bettman), but there is some buzz. We mentioned last night that Don Cherry would be coming over to the US on Monday […]

More Wednesday Links

Some more stuff for you on this Wednesday. The end of the day can’t come fast enough for me. Dan Snyder (yes, the Redskins owner) owns three radio stations to carry his team’s football games. Known as Triple X-ESPN Radio in the DC area, it has had to pick up some other inventory to fill […]