Videos of the Week — Australian Morning TV Clips

I haven’t done a Videos of the Week in a very long time. Having my weekends planned for me behind my back are a major factor. But let’s do one right now. With us being in the vacuum of the US, it’s easy to be unaware of international TV, but thanks to the internet and […]

Videos of the Week — 2008 Olympics

As the 2012 Summer Olympics in London or officially known as Games of the XXX Olympiad get underway on Friday, let’s look back at how the 2008 Games in Communist China were covered by the English language rightsholders in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. I’ll provide videos of various opens, closes […]

A Monday Link Thing

Let’s do the Monday linkage. Some interesting stories out there already. I’ll start with some housekeeping from the weekend in regards to Saturday’s passing of Nick Charles. Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski who wrote a wonderful and poignant article in March on Nick’s coming to peace with his cancer and how he attempted to make every […]

Bringing Out The Wednesday Olympic Linkage

Been to a couple of jobsites already today on this scorcher of a day. I hope you’re inside and not working. Not easy to be working out of doors with temperatures in the 90′s. Don’t overexert yourself and drink plenty of fluids. And most of all, stay cool. Of course, the big story is still […]

Mixing Up Some Sunday Links

Let’s do some linkage on this lazy Sunday. Kari Lipschutz of Adweek writes that it’s a photo finish in the race to the US rights to the 2014/16 Olympics. Rachel Cohen of the Associated Press looks into the Olympic bidding. David Lieberman and Patrick Hipes at Deadline wonder what losing the Olympics could mean to […]

Videos of the Week: Funny Australian Open Interviews

I don’t know what got into the water in Melbourne over the last two weeks, but tennis players showed some spunk and personality during postmatch interviews and press conferences throughout the fortnight. That is a very good thing too as tennis tries to regain popularity in the United States. If players continue to show humor […]

Best Announcers of All-Time

Today through Saturday, I’ll be scarce on the blog. My sister is getting married and I’m not going to be blogging much. In fact, I won’t blogging at all. The Viewing Picks and the posts you’ll see for the next three days have been done ahead of time. But I don’t want to lose you […]

A Suggestion for Tennis Channel

As tennis gets ready for the first Grand Slam tournament of the year in Melbourne, Australia later this month, you would think that Tennis Channel would pick up maybe one or two of the prep tournaments in Australia or New Zealand. Instead, Tennis Channel is showing the Masters Cup Doubles Finals from Communist China that […]

More Wednesday Linkage

Let’s give you some linkage tonight. David Scott of the Boston Sports Media Watch tells us that the Boston Herald is now talking with noted plagiarist Ron Borges about coming on board. Bad move if you ask me. Pete Dougherty of the Albany Times Union wonders why Bills-Jags is not being shown on the local […]

Videos of the Week: 2008 Summer Olympics

Well, the International Olympic Committee has been taking down videos of the Opening Ceremonies from Beijing on YouTube due to copyright issues. Various people have lost their accounts, others have seen their videos erased while others have been outright suspended. If they chose to wait a few years, the IOC may have chosen to look […]

Some Wednesday Night Links

I’ve got to get up really early on Thursday so I won’t have the links for you right off the bat so you’ll have to make due with my Wednesday night links for now. I’ll start with the NBA since the Association released its schedule today. I’m not a huge NBA fan so I was […]

Videos of the Week, Part III: 2008 Summer Olympics Promos

This will conclude the mega-update this morning with the 3rd and final part of the Videos of the Week. These are various promos from BBC, 7 Network and NBC for the Olympics which start in five days. We start with the BBC Monkey which has already caused a buzz in the blogosphere for being one […]

Videos of the Week, Part II: 2004 Summer Olympics

Ok, we’re in Part 2 of our Videos of the Week and we devote this installment to the 2004 Games in Athens. Again as in Part 1, we’ll depend on videos from BBC, CBC, NBC and 7 Network. Here’s a promo for Athens done by NBC. Notice the extremely attractive people posing as athletes. In […]

Videos of the Week, Part I: 2000 Summer Olympics

With this being just five days before the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Communist China, I’ll give you various videos from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and the last Summer Games in Athens. Then I’ll give you some promos from the Olympic network partners who are getting ready to bring you this year’s […]