Another Late Tuesday Night Update

I just can’t seem to stop blogging today. By the way, I’ve been watching the re-broadcast of Super Bowl XXXVI, the game which started the Patriots Dynasty. Besides seeing what is in essence the start of the Patriots’ rise in the NFL over the last 7 years, the highlight for me was watching the performance […]

Time for Friday Megalinks

Last night I took a break from the blog and my computer and watched my URI Rams inexplicably lose to St. Louis, the same team that scored just 20 points against George Washington a week ago, then watched some Australian Open coverage. I am happy to see Tennis Channel pick up early evening coverage at […]

BREAKING NEWS: Boston's One Year Nightmare Is Over

The 38Cliches blog says Glenn Geffner is leaving the Boston Red Sox radio booth and heading to Miami to become the number two announcer for the Florida Marlins. In fact, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald writes that the Goofster beat out 146 applicants for the job (?). Glenn will work next to legendary announcer […]

Sunday Links

I know these are late, but because I was out for the day, I wasn’t able to get to them, but better late than never. We start with Newsday’s Neil Best who writes about former NFL player Bo Eason who has a one-man play off-Broadway. And Neil adds some stuff from his column in his […]

It's a Tuesday Night Linkfest

Let’s check out the linkage for tonight. Starting out with Jim Williams of the DC/Baltimore Examiner in his Watch This! blog, he reviews the local coverage on radio, cable and local over the air TV of the Sean Taylor story. A couple of things from Newsday’s Neil Best in his blog. First, he tells us […]

More Thanksgiving Eve Links

I did the Primetime & Late Night Viewing Picks early because I thought I didn’t have enough links to warrant an update, but apparently I do. First, Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News writes in his Farther Off the Wall blog the football viewing menu for this weekend, plus he has a tidbit […]

Monday Thanksgiving Week Links

With this being Thanksgiving Week, I don’t expect to be blogging much (we do have to get ready to see our families on Thursday), but I’ll do what I can. With that said, I still have to give you Videos of the Week (The Amazing Race episode recaps are taking more time than I expected) […]

Veterans' Day Links

Time for our links on this Veterans’ Day today. By the way, we take this moment to remember all of the fine men and women who have fought on our behalf. This is also Remembrance Day in Canada so we also recognize those who have fought on behalf of our fine neighbors to the north. […]

The Friday Megalinks, Finally

I was at a jobsite all day and didn’t get home until after 4:30 p.m. so you didn’t get them at your regular time, but better late than never. Starting off with a couple of posts from David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch. He first wrote Wednesday about dueling press releases from Comcast SportsNet […]

A Tuesday Afternoon Update

Well, I found some linkage for this afternoon. Let’s get to them. Good friend, LC of the anti-Glenn Geffner blog, 38 Cliches, has the news that regular listeners of the Red Sox Radio Network outside of Boston won’t be able to hear Goofner during the World Series unless they log on the internet. ESPN Radio […]

Tuesday Night Stuff

Time for some links on this Tuesday night. Let me say The War is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It’s compelling, the footage from the front lines taken by newsreels or by official military filmmakers is amazing. And hearing how people coped at home in four cities, Waterbury, CT; Mobile, AL; […]

Monday Night Links

I just finished watching the second installment of Ken Burn’s The War on PBS. Just like The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, Mark Twain, Empire of the Air, and The West, this epic is excellent. I saw bits and pieces of the first installment on Sunday and all of tonight’s and Ken Burns’ storytelling is second […]

Saturday Morning Links

Let’s give you some links from the Saturday papers and anything I may have missed from Friday. CNBC’s Darren Rovell has two blog entries about Texas oil tycoon Boone Pickens who has donated a lot of money towards his favorite school, Oklahoma State. I mean, a lot of money. We’re talking in the hundreds of […]

Guess Who's Back? Yes, 38Cliches is back!!!!

After six days, the 38Cliches blog is back. I received an e-mail from webmaster LC that his site went down and he’s been painstakingly trying to reconstruct it from scratch. If you go to “”, you will know that the site has been taken over with a bunch of spam and banner ads. I had […]

Really Late Thursday Links

Some more links to pass to you tonight. TV Week gives us the final national ratings for sports last week. Paulsen notes that right after the news about Greg Oden being lost for the season, ESPN quickly dropped the Portland Trail Blazers opener from its schedule. And he adds that the ratings for the WNBA […]