Wrapping Up Blogs With Balls

Going over the Tweets and the various blog posts on Blogs With Balls, I can say unequivocally that it was a big success. With an estimated 300 people attending, ESPN doing a story on the conference and Sports Illustrated sending representation, it shows that sports blogs are here to stay. I’m going to link to various recaps and impressions from those who attended BWB, both from the mainstream media and from my fellow bloggers.

Let’s begin with Newsday’s Neil Best who says he enjoyed attending BWB.

Jonathan Tannenwald of Philly.com gives his impressions of the conference. Jonathan also talked with Dan Povia of Hugging Harold Reynolds, one of the event’s organizers.

The great Jimmy Traina of SI.com links to three recaps of the conference (including mine) at Hot Clicks. Thanks, Jimmy.

Jeff Pearlman of Sports Illustrated writes in his own blog that he admires bloggers’ passion for sports, something he currently lacks.

Blogs With Balls even made ESPN’s Blog Buzz on SportsCenter today. But they can do better by labeling us “Sports Bloggers Conference” and we were ranked very low in my opinion.

Now let’s go to various bloggers to get their thoughts.

Dan Levy of On the DL says the event was a big success.

Russell Scibetti of The Business of Sports has some highlights.

Keith Thibeault of Sports Media Journal gives us his thoughts on the conference. Keith also shot video and interviewed various participants including yours truly. I’ll post those when they become available. Here’s Keith’s talk with Chris Lucas of HHR Media.

Good interview, Keith. Great job.

A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin incorporates his thoughts about BWB into a post on Mike Florio’s PFT joining NBC Sports.

Ian Bethune of Sox & Dawgs writes a nice recap on the conference.

Brian from MGOBLOG has a very detailed recap and I share his opinion on Gary Vaynerchuck.

Ben Koo from Koo’s Corner got an interview with BWB founder Kyle Bunch.

Red Cup Rebellion came up from Mississippi (mad props to them) and has the first part of its recap.

For a woman’s perspective (and there were many women there), here’s Erica Boeke of GoGameFace.com with her thoughts.

Sarah Spain adds her thoughts at Mouthpiece Sports.

That’s a small sampling of what has been written about Blogs With Balls. I certainly had a great time there and if BWB returns to New York or holds a Boston event, I’ll be sure to attend.

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