Fang's Bites Grade for 24, Season 8, Hour 10, 1 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Opening sequence: Kayla goes to see Taryn – C.

Kayla says she told President Hassan about them – D.

Taryn tells Bashir will help him escape and get him to get political asylum – C.

Taryn wants Kayla to go with him – C.

Dana tells Cole to leave the scene – F.

Cole tells Dana that they’re going to clean the scene and get out of this – F.

Hastings tells President Taylor that they’re going to get Farhad – B.

Hastings informs the President and Chief of Staff Rob Weiss that Farhad’s men turned against him and are going to use the rods to construct a dirty bomb – B.

Hastings says he needs access to President Hassan’s intelligence files and President Taylor decides to go meet with him – A.

After she leaves, Hastings gets a backbone and tells Rob Weiss he’s dropping criminal charges against Renee and for him to get out of his way. FINALLY, HASTINGS!!! – A.

Weiss gets pissed – A.

Jack tells Owen and the team about what they’re going to do to get Farhad out – A.

An injured Farhad calls and tells Jack that he’s being pursued and to hurry – A.

President Taylor meets with President Hassan – A.

She informs him about Farhad and asks him for his intelligence files – A.

President Hassan says it’s a breach of his security – A.

President Taylor says if he doesn’t turn the files over, she will attack his country – A.

Hassan tells her that she’ll get the files – A.

Taryn is using a key given him to get loose – A.

Taryn points a gun at Nabil and gets out in NYC to escape – A

President Hassan calls one of the agents and Taryn instructs them to handcuff themselves – A.

Hassan tells one of his men to give CTU the intelligence files – A.

Kayla is leaving and Taryn calls – B.

He tells her to meet him at a hotel – C.

Hastings calls Farhad and tells him to stay put – A.

But Farhad is stupid, runs and is shot – F.

Jack arrives at the warehouse – A.

Jack gets the intelligence files downloaded to a computer – A.

The guy who shot Farhad tries to get out of the area – A.

Jack orders Farhad stabilized – A.

Jack asks a dying Farhad to identify pictures – A.

Farhad is dying – C.

President Taylor meets with her security team and finds out what the dirty bomb would do to NYC – C.

President Taylor is informed that the UN may be a target the building should be evacuated – A.

One of agents has found Nabil who informs President Hassan that Taryn escaped and called Kayla – B.

President Hassan calls Kayla who ignores his call – B.

Kayla finds Taryn – C.

Taryn tells Kayla that he’s gotten a lawyer who will help them defect – B.

Jack is told Farhad is dead – B.

Jack tells Hastings and Hastings says, “DAMMIT” – A.

Jack then tells Hastings to use Farhad as dead bait to lure the terrorists to a hospital so CTU can nab them – A.

Chloe says they can use the intelligence files to help them identify the men in case they come – A. 

Cole and Dana clean up the crime scene – F.

They dump Kevin into a nearby swamp – F.

Dana looks at him lovingly – F.

Dana asks Cole about them – F.

They dump Nick into the swamp – F.

Samir sees that Farhad is alive – A.

Ali the shooter comes in and doesn’t understand – B.

Ali says he’ll go back and get the job done – A.

Samir says to send one of their American accomplices, Marcus – A.

In the back of a truck at a hideout, Marcus then calls his mom (Mare Winningham!) and tells her to leave New York and go to Aunt Shelly’s – C.

Samir tells Marcus it’s time – B.

Jack says they need to keep the ruse up for Farhad and make him look alive – A.

Hastings says the report has been released – A.

Jack assures young Agent Owen that he’ll be ok. That means Owen will die – A. 56  4720 84

President Taylor is informed that the delegates will be evacuated – A.

President Hassan enters the room and requests that Farhan’s remains be sent back home for proper burial – A.

He tells President Taylor that he’ll remain at the UN as Kayla is missing and ran off with Taryn – B.

She understands – B.

The ambulance carrying the dead Farhad turns into the hospital – A.

Facial recognition is being used to scan the hospital – B.

Marcus arrives in the parking lot – B.

He’s ready to detonate a suicide bomb – C.

Renee calls Jack and says she’s been released – A.

Jack tells her that he did what he had to do because Renee did nothing wrong – A.

Jack tells Renee that he wants to be with her – A.

Jack is told that facial recognition picked up Marcos – A.

Jack asks Chloe to scramble a detonator – A.

Jack contacts Owen and tells him to stall Marcos, but he’s nervous – A.

Owen confronts Marcos and gives up his weapon and brings him inside the hospital – C.

President Hassan calls Dalia and tells her about Kayla – B.

He asks Dalia to call Kayla – B.

Owen takes Marcos inside and they walk through the halls of the hospital – B.

Chloe tells Jack she cannot disarm the detonator unless she sees it – A.

Jack instructs Owen to get Marcos to show the weapon through the surveillance – B.

Owen gets Marcos to show it – A.

Chloe is scanning to get the frequency and gets it – A.

They enter the room and Marcos tries to detonate the bomb, but it won’t go off – A.

Marcos shoots a dead Farhad – A.

As Jack enters the room, Marcos jumps out a window – A.

Marcos then escapes and locks himself into a pressure chamber – B.

Marcos calls Samir and tells him it was a trap – A.

Samir calls and tells him to set off the bomb manually – A.

Jack tries to talk to Marcos, but he knocks out the communication in the chamber – A.

Much better. This gets an 86, solid B.

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