A Very Busy Set of Monday Links

I spent the morning away from the office and after lunch, I’ve been dealing with crazy shit so I’m just getting to the links late this afternoon. I’ll put in as many as I can. This week is shaping up to be very busy so just bear with me as you may not see links […]

Follow Friday VIII

Time for another edition of Follow Friday and it’s the 4,000th post on Fang’s Bites! Did not have time to do one last week so I’ll make up for it this week. To check previous Follow Friday’s, click here. Amanda Bruno is a freelance writer for the Springfield Republican and has written for the Boston […]

Follow Friday VII

Time for another edition of Follow Friday where I recommend several sites to visit and if you so choose, start following regularly. To see past recommendations, go here. One of the more interesting social experiments is happening all day Friday into Saturday. It’s the 24 hours of StarburyMarbury Marathon. Yes, that’s right,

Follow Friday VI

We’re back with another edition of Follow Friday, my recommendations on bloggers, writers and sites you should follow. For previous Follow Friday recommendations, click here. I’ll start with something I’ve been linking to all week long and that’s’s new feature, “The Five” hosted by Kristine Leahy. She tells what’s hot on the site plus […]

Follow Friday V

This is another edition of Follow Friday, originally started on Twitter. If you’re a regular reader, you know how it works. If not, you can find out how it began at Mashable. Anyway, I don’t feel like explaining it right now so I’m just going to go into the feature. Here are several blogs and […]

Follow Friday IV

Time for another edition of Follow Friday. This is the weekly Twitter tradition in which members suggest others to follow and if you like what that person, you hit the “follow” button. I’ve written three previous Follow Friday’s here so you can take a look at what has been recommended here. I’ll do bloggers first. […]

Follow Friday III

Time for another edition of Follow Friday here at Fang’s Bites. If you follow

Follow Friday II

Time for another Follow Friday feature here at Fang’s Bites. Just a quick refresher. I’m bringing this over from Twitter. You suggest your favorite Tweeters for others to follow. If you like them, you click “follow” and go from there. I’ll suggest some of my favorite sites for you to follow. For Sports Media, Bruce […]

Follow Friday

If you’re on Twitter, there’s a feature that has caught on among members called “Follow Friday”. Each person suggests others to follow and if you like the person’s Tweets, you can hit “follow” and get that person’s updates. Through this, I have found quite a few people to follow and have made some good connections. […]