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Primetime and Late Night Viewing Picks

First off, thanks to FSN New England for letting me know that it will carry the Celtics live press conference introducing Kevin Garnett at 6 p.m. Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce will all be in attendance. The deal between the Celtics and the Timberwolves involving Kevin Garnett has finally gone through. The Red Sox […]

The Tuesday Afternoon Update

Let’s give you a brief update and perhaps a mini-rant if I have time. We start with NBC Sports. It has a press release announcing the re-launch of its Sunday Night Football website, It looks similar to its website that launched last year, but this year’s version has a few more features. We’ll check […]

It's Tuesday

Time for some more links. Checking around to see what’s going on for you. Newsday’s Neil Best says ESPN has picked up two more San Francisco Giants games tonight and tomorrow. And Best writes that Craig Carton who’s proposed to be Boomer Esiason’s sidekick on WFAN (when he’s hired) may not be a good choice. […]

The Last Mary Tyler Moore Show

Growing up as a kid in Rhode Island in the 1970’s, I’ll always remember the CBS Saturday night lineup including the venerable Mary Tyler Moore Show. It lasted seven seasons, went out on top and probably had the very best series finale ever. Seinfeld, Friends, St. Elsewhere and The Sopranos are among the series finales […]

Primetime and Late Night Viewing Picks

Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies – ESPN, 7 p.m.How I Met Your Mother – CBS, 8 p.m.Hell’s Kitchen – Fox, 9 p.m.The Closer – TNT, 9 p.m.Saving Grace – TNT, 10 p.m.Ninja Warrior – G4, 10 & 10:30 p.m.Big Brother After Dark – Showtime Too, midnight


According to the Sports Media Watch blog, the NHL is talking to ESPN about picking up NBC’s portion of the broadcast contract in 2008-09. NBC would end televising the NHL after this season (makes sense after the ratings its received the last two seasons) and ESPN would pick up NBC’s option the following year. We’ll […]

Monday Afternoon Links

Just got the sad news that former San Francisco 49er coach Bill Walsh died of leukemia. He was a pioneer in the league bringing in the West Coast offense, started what was known as the coaching tree, won three Super Bowls and took the 49ers from what was a bad team into a dynasty. San […]

The Monday Links

Back to work on a Monday. Had heavy rains here early in the morning, but they’re over now and we expect some humidity later. But enough of the weather report, time for your links. Yesterday marked ESPN’s return to NASCAR and there’s reaction all over the place. Let’s start with Michael McCarthy in USA Today […]

Some Sunday Links

Hello on a scorching Sunday. Hot here in the Northeast, but it’s hot everywhere in the US as well, so I hope you’re running the air conditioner or at least heading to the beach today. Let’s give you some links so you don’t have to do a lot of physical activity (but don’t get stuck […]

The New Indiana Jones Reveal

This video was revealed at ComicCon 2007 in San Diego on Thursday. As expected, Steven Spielberg was there, so was Harrison Ford, Ray Winstone and Shia LaBeouf. But also, Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood. Check it out. This is courtesy of

Videos of the Week

Instead of doing music videos this week, I thought I would give you some vintage NFL TV opens from NBC and ABC. Here’s an open from NBC dating back to 1978 – 79, Oakland vs. Seattle when NBC had the rights to the AFC games. From 1983, the opening to the AFC Wild Card game […]

Weekend Viewing Picks

You’ve got a lot of picks for this weekend. Saturday, July 28 Senior Open Championship, 3rd Round – ABC, 2 p.m.PGA Golf/Canadian Open, 3rd Round – CBS, 3 p.m.Braves at Arizona or Detroit at Anaheim or Padres at Astros – Fox, 3:55 p.m.US Open Series/Indianapolis Tennis Championships – NBC, 4 p.m.Pan American Games (men’s basketball […]

Friday/Saturday Links

Sorry for the long delay in getting you links. I was out at two job sites during the day, then I had to drive my mother to several locations and got home late when I thought I would get home early. Nonetheless, I’m here now and I’ll give you big megadose of links tonight. Let’s […]

Thursday Night Links

Hello. Time for an update since I didn’t have one earlier today. I won’t be able to give a Friday morning update and may not be here for the afternoon as work gets in the way of the blog. I will give an update when I can, but let’s get to the links now. We […]

Primetime & Late Night Viewing Picks

Red Sox at Cleveland – NESN, 7 p.m.Atlanta at Giants – TBS, 7 p.m.Big Brother 8 – CBS, 8 p.m.Ninja Warrior – G4, 10 & 10:30 p.m.Big Brother After Dark – Showtime Too, midnight

Thursday Links

Been out and about today, but I’ll give you a few links here. The return of ESPN to NASCAR is this weekend. If you haven’t watched ESPN lately, you’re lucky not to have seen the many promos which have flooded all of the Alleged Worldwide Leader’s programs. Anyway, John Sturbin of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram […]

The Wednesday Night Update

Good evening. Barry Bonds isn’t playing tonight so there’s no need to watch the Braves-Giants game on TBS. So instead, I’m watching Ninja Warrior on G4. Very entertaining indeed. The Sports Media Watch blog has a good entry today on the NBA referee gambling scandal. While some media pundits feel this spells the end of […]

More Wednesday Links

Checking for some more links for you. Chater Communications in Madison, WI is adding ESPNU and ESPN2HD, but not the Big Ten Network. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz will be promoting the Big Ten Network in Des Moines today as part of an effort to put pressure on Mediacom cable. Ron Aiken of the Free Times […]

The Wednesday Links

Time for the links on this Wednesday. The New York Times’ Richard Sandomir talks with former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent about the NBA referee gambling scandal. You may remember Vincent was in charge when the Pete Rose gambling story ruled the front pages. Paul Gough of the Hollywood Reporter writes that the NBA TV partners […]