The First 4:13 of Lost Season 6

Well! What do we have here? Yes, it’s the very first scenes of Lost Season 6, picking up where Lost Season 5 left off. We know that Juliet fell down the hatch, seriously injured and managed to set off the nuclear bomb. Did it change everything as Jack had hoped? If you want to be […]

Lost Untangled For The First Five Seasons

If you were with me last year, you’ll know I started to post the Lost Untangled web series that ABC released usually on the day following each Lost episode. It recapped the episode with action figures and a guy doing very funny impressions of each character. Well, Lost Untangled returns in a big way with […]

Five Seasons of Lost in Eight Minutes and 15 Seconds

For some of you who still can’t figure out Lost and don’t want to get caught up in the minutia of seeing the hidden meanings behind the books and cutaways and pictures, then here’s a quick way for you to get caught up. This is a primer for Lost of the first five seasons in […]

New Lost S6 Trailer

Thanks to and, we have the new trailer for Lost S6. As Lost fans know, this is the last season of the show which has been totally tremendous especially in the last half of S4 and all of S5. The show really ramped up last season and here’s hoping it hits the ground […]

Lost Season 5 Finale Untangled

I forgot to post this earlier in the month. Maybe it was because ABC which usually posts the “Untangled” webisodes right after each Lost episode took longer than normal to put this together. No matter, we have it now. Always funny how the guy imitates each character, especially Sawyer and Locke. So without further ado, […]

Lost Thoughts

Now that I’ve had some time to digest this whole Lost season finale, I give you some questions and some thoughts: Locke is dead. So who is the other guy portraying Locke? Was it the Smoke Monster? Was it that guy we saw at the beginning of the finale last night? Hmmm. What did Richard […]

The First Lost Season 6 Promo

I’m still coming down from the season finale. I hope Juliet isn’t dead. I’m reading that fans are saying she’s dead. I don’t think she is. I thought when Juliet went down the hole that she was, but it was she who set off the bomb, or so we think. Here’s what we saw at […]

Lost Season 5, Episode 15 Promo

I’m still coming down from Daniel being shot dead by his mother and Charles Widmore being his father. So is Heloise Faraday the mother of Penny Widmore? Why did she visit Penny at the hospital while Desmond was in surgery? And now, it appears the 1977 Losties will finally get back together with the 2007 […]

Lost Season 5, Episode 13 Promo

Another crazy episode of Lost tonight with the Smoke Monster somehow sparing Ben, but Alex returned to threaten him. Nice. I like it! And Alex seemed hotter, I don’t know why. But we still don’t know if Ben killed Penny. It appeared that Desmond saved her from being murdered by Mr. Linus, but ol’ Ben […]

Lost Season 5, Episode 10 Promo

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode and it also has some pictures from the set. I have no idea how the guy got them and I take no responsibility for them. I’m just posting the video. If I get another version of the promo, I’ll post it here. Last night’s episode showing that the […]

Lost Season 5, Episode 9 Sneak Peek

Here are some videos of tonight’s episode directly from crackpot Kristin at E! Online. First, the landing of Ajira Airways flight 316. It did not crash! Next, Sawyer and Jin reunite with Jack The Whiner, Hurley and Kate, then Jin learns that Sun is on the island. Here, Jin runs into the jungle when he […]

A Major Character Death on Lost

As you’re aware, I am a fan of “Lost”, not as much as I am a fan of “24” or “The Amazing Race”, but as you know, I set aside time to watch it as it airs on Wednesday nights. Usually, I discount spoilers or don’t link to them, but when something major like this […]

Lost Season 5, Episode 6 Promo

Here’s the promo for the next episode of Lost. Jack, Sun, Ben and Desmond all get to meet Eloise Hawking, Daniel Faraday’s mom and find a way to get back to the island. Last night’s episode was intense. This looks great as well.

Lost in 4:51

This is your Lost Starter Kit from ABC in case you’ve forgotten how we got to Season 5 or if you want to find out what the fuss is all about. It’s a good video. Don’t forget the premiere on January 21.

The Fang's Bites Mid-Season TV Preview

With this being January, we’re seeing the return of several shows plus the premiere of some new ones. I’m going to give you the shows I’m looking forward to seeing return, plus the new series I’m looking forward to. I’ll do the returning shows first, then the new shows last and I’ll do them in […]

Sneak Peek of The Lost Season Premiere

Thanks to my cupcake, puddin at Reality Fan Forum for finding this, we have a sneak preview of the Lost Season Premiere that airs on January 21. Of course, the crackpot Kristen from E! Online posted it, but anything for Lost, I’m hugely in favor of, so enjoy. Where is Kate going? And did Claire’s […]

New Extended Lost Trailer

Just when you think it’s safe to think clearly about the new season of “Lost”, you get another one of those strange clues that makes you bang your head against your keyboard. First, check out the trailer with scenes of last season and the upcoming season complete with music from The Fray (what is it […]

The Lost Season 5 Trailer

Get ready for Lost on January 21. And Reiko Aylesworth is expected to join the cast this season. I’m in heaven.