Monthly Archives: February 2005

A Couple's Last Pictures

John and Jackie Knill were vacationing in a Thailand resort December 26 when the massive Asian Tsunami hit their beach. The Knills died in the waves, but their camera somehow survived. Their pictures were published just recently and to see their pictures of the waves crashing into Khao Luk, check out the This is London […]

ESPNews burned

ESPNews got burned Wednesday in reporting the injury to Miami Heat Center Shaquille O’Neal. The network cited a “report” from the Miami Herald’s website stating that Shaq would be out for the year. However, the website looked eerily similar to the Herald’s and even had a similar web address. But the page was made up […]

Sports Media Odds and Ends

WEEI in Boston has officially announced that former “I, Max” co-host and Boston Globe columnist Michael Holley will join Dale Arnold as mid-day co-host. The “Dale & Holley” show premieres March 1. A conference call involving Arnold, Holley and WEEI Program Director Jason Wolfe is posted on the Boston Sports Media Watch web site. This […]

Hotel Rwanda

I went to see this movie last night at the Avon Cinemas in Providence. I was so moved by the acts of Paul Rusesabagina, the man portrayed by Don Cheadle. To give a quick synopsis, Paul is the manager of the Hotel Mille Collines in Rwanda in 1994 when Hutu rebels begin a 100 day […]

Three Blogs in One

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should and several issues have popped up since I last wrote so let me combine a few blogs so I can get caught up. Canseco Speaks Admitted steroids user Jose Canseco has been doing the rounds since Sunday, appearing on “60 Minutes” not once, but twice. He’s […]

Jose Canseco is an Idiot

We have heard this week the “revelations” that will be published in Jose Canseco’s new book, “Juiced”. Canseco admits that he took steroids, that he and Mark McGwire injected each other in the bathroom stall in the Oakland A’s lockerroom, that he saw Jason Giambi injected with steroids, that other players including Roger Clemens took […]

Plagiarism at the Super Bowl

Usually, stories are scarce at the Super Bowl simply due to the fact that over a two week span, they are rehashed over and over again to the point where there is hardly any news to report. But that changed on Tuesday when word began surfacing that a reporter apparently plagiarized an online column written […]

Whining in Jacksonville

Super Bowl Week has reached Wednesday, but media whining about Jacksonville and its lack of amenities has been in full force since Sunday. Living in Rhode Island and working in Massachusetts allows me to listen to sports radio stations in Boston, Providence and New York, read newspapers from both states and the internet gives me […]