Monthly Archives: January 2005

Stop the Two Weeks of Hype

We are finally at Super Bowl week. It seems it has been 2 months since the Conference Championship games. No other sport allows 2 weeks in between its semifinal games and its ultimate championship. The NFL gets away with this because it wants the media to hype the game. However, for fans, this is the […]

A Tale of Two Games

Last night, I had the opportunity to watch two undefeated college basketball teams playing unranked opponents and the results couldn’t be far different, although both games had upset bids. In the first game, Boston College at 16-0 played at Big East upper echelon wannabe Providence College. Two weeks ago, PC led by double digits at […]

The Biggest Non-story is Finally Coming to an End

After a month of silly bantering and debate, the story of the ball snagged by Doug Mientkiewicz from the 2004 World Series is finally coming to an end. The whole controversy was stupid to begin with and was started by Dan Shaughnessy (see my post “The Biggest Non-story By Far” below). Shortly after the news […]

Good Night, Mr. Carson

For 29 years, fans of “The Tonight Show” heard “Heeeerrre’s Johnny” and we became comfortable with Johnny Carson coming into our living rooms, putting us to bed. Then after his retirement in 1992, we hardly heard from Johny. But then again, Johnny knew comedic timing and he knew when it was time to go out. […]

College Basketball Ramblings

With the NFL winding down, it is right about this time of the year when I start to really pay attention to college hoops so I can go 0-32 in the first round of my NCAA pool in March. But seriously, I usually go 1-31 or 2-30. Again I jest. As I look into the […]

How Could So Many Be So Wrong?

The best weekend of the year as far as playoff football is concerned is now over. I went 3-1 on my picks only losing on the Eagles. It was a shaky pick, but one I was willing to make. It was not as bad as the so-called “experts” from across the country picking the Indianapolis […]

It's That Time of Year

For the NFL fan, this weekend can be described as the best weekend of the season. You have the Divisional Playoffs set to begin and the anticipation for the four games is high. Eight teams are left and each feel it has as good a shot to advance to the Super Bowl. Statistically speaking, the […]


The best show on television returned Sunday night with a double four hour premiere. Yes, I’m talking about “24″. The show began with Jack Bauer actually looking quite content. He had a new girlfriend. His daughter, Kim was safe and living with her boyfriend, former agent Chase Edmunds. He was no longer at the Counter […]

The Biggest Non-story By Far

On Friday, Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe wrote a column that for some reason became a national story. Shaughnessy interviewed Doug Mientkiewicz of the Boston Red Sox and asked about the ball he caught for the last out of the 2004 World Series. If you remember, Edgar Renteria hit a comebacker to pitcher Keith […]

I'll Tell You What!

I’m watching the NFC Wild Card game between the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams. Usually, the ESPN crew of Mike Patrick, Joe Theismann and Paul McGuire are as solid a broadcasting crew as there is. However, Paul has this bad habit of saying, “I’ll tell you what….” during every piece of analysis he […]

Randy Johnson to the Yanks. Who Cares?

The New York Yankees finally got their man in Randy Johnson. As Peter Gammons stated, the Yanks finally have a pitcher who can beat Curt Schilling. But let’s consider this, Johnson is 41 years old. He does have a back condition. If RJ is healthy, he will anchor a very solid pitching rotation. The Yanks […]

Why is Ashlee Simpson even a Celebrity?

After watching her on Saturday Night Live messing up her own vocal track, only to blame it on her band, I wondered why Ashlee Simpson was even worth watching. She is the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, who is hotter and more talented. However, Ashlee’s and Jessica’s father wants the younger Simpson to be successful, […]

I Hate ESPN (Part Deux) (Originally Posted June 20, 2004)

In an earlier blog, I wrote about my dislike of ESPN’s over-promotion of its programming. Well, it’s time to go over to SportsCenter and blast certain anchors and gimmicks. When ESPN first started SportsCenter, it’s mission was to provide highlights from that night’s events. It has achieved this so well that it has practically rendered […]

Boston racist? No way. Way (Originally Posted on Blogit, June 18, 2004)

Barry Bonds has had an interesting year. He has been under scrutiny for the investigation into BALCO and steroid use. He continues to hit home runs and make an assault on the all-time record held by Hank Aaron. Bonds lost his father, Bobby earlier in the year. For the most part, Bonds has been quiet […]

No More from Nomar (Originally Posted June 18, 2004)

Nomar Garciaparra has been a steady player for the Boston Red Sox. Over the past eight years, his work ethic, gritty style of play and hitting in the clutch have enamored him to Red Sox Nation. He has won a Rookie of the Year, has been a multiple All Star and led the balloting this […]